The Zoo

Short Description of Show: An in-depth behind the scenes look at the animals of the Bronx Zoo.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 9.1

Season 1 - The Zoo
"Two adorable tiger cubs have outgrown their keepers and need to move to the adult exhibit. A silverback gorilla receives pioneering treatment to curb his worsening eyesight. And a passionate keeper plays matchmaker to a peculiar pair of birds."
"A tomistoma, a freshwater crocodilian, stops laying eggs and a team of keepers scrambles to treat her. The veterinary team has to rescue a baby antelope that isn't getting the care it needs from its mother. And Mert the Goose takes a field trip."
"The future of the American Bison depends on a high-stakes race across the country. The reptile staff have their hands full with a diamond rattlesnake that needs to be medicated orally. And a pair of cheetahs are trained to walk the grounds."
"The Zoo's huge male sea lion is in rut, and staff need to move the young males before he becomes territorial. The vet team come up with an ingenious solution to repair Dinky the Flamingo's broken ankle. And feeding a rock python proves challenging."
"The birth of a little blue penguin causes a sensation at the Bronx Zoo. The veterinary team scrambles to figure out what is wrong with Snowball, a beloved snow leopard. And the exhibits team designs a home for the newly arrived blue iguana."
"To help love bloom between two kiwis, zoo staff build an elaborate hut into which they introduce a pair of potential mates. When a King Cobra arrives at the zoo, keepers have their hands full training him to move from the exhibit to a holding pen."
"A snow leopard named Leo that was rescued from Pakistan has trouble eating because of a broken tooth; the bird department works fast to restore a beehive; a fennec fox gets extra attention from the Ambassador Center staff."
"A journey to eastern Africa is undertaken to return thousands of toads to the wild that were rescued from extinction. Also: A giraffe tries out a new piece of equipment; the avian department works to save the lives of millions of birds."
"No description"
Season 2 - The Zoo
"Dave, a kangaroo suffering from chronic arthritis, tries cryotherapy. A large group of rambunctious gharials are trained to patiently wait for their food. And, a tiny pygmy marmoset gives birth to an even tinier baby."
"When keepers introduce two tigers as potential mates, the process proves bumpy. A pair of African porcupines arrive at the zoo, requiring delicate handling. And a pregnancy check on a 3,000 pound rhino necessitates some highly specialized equipment."
"The brown bears keep tearing up their exhibit, leaving zoo staff scrambling for a solution. Armani the aardvark gets treated for a tooth infection which has dampened her enthuiasm for digging. And, a group of burrowing owls prepare to move."
"Trust and experience are put to the test when an elephant requires delicate veterinary treatment from her keepers. Endangered pink pigeons need all the help they can get to produce offspring. And Monty the adorable otter needs to visit the dentist."
"The last polar bear in New York City is showing his age so the staff makes sure he gets all the attention he needs. A trio of red ruffed lemurs are prepped for their big debut."
"A pregnant African wild dog has the staff anxiously preparing for the big day. Zoo director Jim Breheny steps in to help a keeper learn how to handle a golden eagle. And, a new tree in Jungle World gives the gibbons a new world to explore."
"The ingenuity of zoo staff is put to the test as they devise a treatment for a newborn snow leopard cub struggling to walk. A group of surprisingly adorable Rodrigues fruit bats are trained for a big move."
"The squirrel monkeys play hard-to-get with the Children's Zoo's keepers. A pair of Komodo dragons meet for the first time, with explosive results. And the Inca terns prepare for their first big flight."
"Surgery on a silverback gorilla's broken canine reveals a more serious medical issue. Is love in the air for two Birds of Paradise, Glory and Holiday? A confiscated black-breasted leaf turtle is introduced to eligible bachelorettes. And, dozens of venomous tarantulas keep the staff on their toes."
Season 3 - The Zoo
"Beloved camel Max develops a large abscess on the top of his head; a marmot prepares for her first classroom visit as an ambassador animal; a peregrine falcon found at the base of skyscraper is brought to the zoo for a health check."
"Zoo staff face unexpected setbacks weaning a bright sea lion pup off her mother's milk. The bird team steps in To support a rejected curassow chick. And, a squirrel monkey pays a visit to the dentist."
"A markhor goat gives birth to Andre, the biggest baby of the year; a baby bat requires human care before it can be reintroduced to its colony; confiscated lizards destined for the pet trade require urgent medical attention."
"Andean bear Bouba returns from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., to reunite with his mate, Nicole; a king cobra is treated; Blanche, a feisty alpaca, is due to give birth at any moment."
"A 14-year-old otter is not its usual, energetic self; staff at the New York Aquarium move their sharks to a new exhibit; quirky capercaillies need help producing healthy chicks."
"Crate training Nikita the Amur tiger in preparation for her move to Washington, D.C., proves challenging; an endangered Chinese alligator shows signs of being pregnant; staff prepare to release rare New England cottontail rabbits into the wild."
"A trio of new penguin chicks are introduced to the pool for their first swim; family dynamics change when the mandrill monkey troop welcomes a new baby; a pair of king vultures are prepped for their big debut at the Queens Zoo."
"Peaches, a 2-month-old warthog, charms his keepers while training to become an animal ambassador; a nervous one-horned rhino adjusts to her new exhibit; Willow, a red panda, shows signs of being pregnant."
"Keepers introduce three gaur, a large species of cattle, to the rest of the herd; a sickly sambar fawn is rushed to the health center; the bird department prepares for the arrival of great hornbills."
"Iray, a red ruffed lemur, is rushed to the health center when keepers discover a wound on its leg; a new exhibit is built for the Pallas' cats, the original grumpy cats; seven baby turtles join the zoo's colony of an endangered species."
"A giraffe named Mashengo journeys from the Indiana Zoo to his new home in the Bronx; keepers hand-raise endangered ducklings and release them at the Central Park Children's Zoo; love is in the air for a pair of cloud rats."
"Cardiologists try to determine why the geladas are experiencing a life-threatening heart condition; Nile crocodiles are shifted off exhibit for a maintenance project; the elephant shrews are breeding."
"A team tests the problem-solving skills of lions against those of snow leopards; Willow, a young red panda, is having mysterious foot problems; the bird department awaits the gender reveal of two new adjutant stork chicks."
"A new bison calf has a hard time keeping up with his mom; the bird department prepares a group of Von der Decken hornbill chicks for their move to the Minnesota Zoo; keepers at the Central Park Zoo hope the female snow monkeys accept a new male."