The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Short Description of Show: A satirical look at the week's current affairs from politics to vaccinations. Features regular guest appearances by Comedians Kitty Flanagan and Tom Gleeson.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - The Weekly with Charlie Pickering
"Topics: Star Wars trailer reactions, Tony Abbott skols a beer, Internet piracy in Australia, question time, Anzac Day (with Sam Neill), anti-vaccination religious exemptions, Australian Democrats lose party status."
"The Federal Budget, Kim Jong Un, and coffee snobs are in The Weekly's sights this week. Hosted by Charlie Pickering, with Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson, and special guest, Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Tambor."
"Comedy meets current affairs to bring you the news you need a few days after you need it. With Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan & Tom Gleeson plus journalist Nick Davies, who exposed the UK phone hacking scandal."
"Comedy meets current affairs to bring you the news you need a few day after you need it. With Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson, Africa correspondent Loyiso Gola, and guest Todd Sampson."
"Comedy meets current affairs. Hosted by Charlie Pickering, with Tom Gleeson, US correspondent Wyatt Cenac, and special guest, double Logie winner Miranda Tapsell."
"Comedy meets news as Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan & Tom Gleeson tee off on sport betting ads, housing affordability, people smugglers & more. Special guest: Oscar winnning filmmaker Alex Gibney."
"Comedy takes on news, and wins. Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson and Kitty Flanagan talk ABC Terror, the Pope, and Obama; Psychic Medium John Edward hears from the living for a change."
"Comedy and News fight for custody of Facts. Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan & Tom Gleeson tackle sex tapes, flying Bishops and the war on our roads. Special guests: comedy legends Amy Schumer and Bill Hader."
"Dollops of comedy made with morsels of real news. Charlie, Tom and Kitty tackle organ donation & the ALP conference, with a side order of the Devil & the House of Lords. Guest: death row lawyer Bryan Stevenson."
"Comedy marries news & has punch line babies. Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson & Kitty Flanagan take on Cecil the lion, cash for access & runaway grooms. Guest Molly Carlile talks about death, in a good way."
"Charlie Pickering & chums polish raw news into shiny comedy. Marriage equality, the new Speaker & network wars; Kitty tackles customer service & Tom chats hard with Lee Lin Chin. Special guest: Bill Bryson."
"News & comedy: they go together like current events & punchlines. Charlie & Tom tackle Paleo, celebrate the Diamonds' win, & talk Oscar Pistorius. Special guests: Loyiso Gola, & Neil deGrasse Tyson."
"Comedy bites the hand of the news that feeds it. Charlie, Tom & Kitty take on the stock market, saucy data leaks, & stuff you're not meant to know. With UK correspondent Tiff Stevenson, & guest Graeme Innes."
Season 3 - The Weekly with Charlie Pickering
"Last year, The Weekly promised to put the sense back into the nonsense. In 2017, the nonsense has defeated us. Charlie Pickering, along with Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson & Adam Briggs, will pick the news apart."
"Charlie Pickering, along with Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson & Adam Briggs pick apart the news from the nonsense. With special guests South Park creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone."
"In 2017 The Weekly is making breaking news even brokener. Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson & Adam Briggs pick apart the news & try to put it back together, hoping no one will notice the bits they broke."
"The Weekly newsvestigates the headlines: scare campaigns, Piegate, and the LOLing assassin. Tom Gleeson welcomes Chrissie Swan to the Hard Chat seat. Special guest: Hugo Weaving!"
"In a world changing at breakneck speed, The Weekly will hardly change at all. We continue to spend our Wednesday nights exposing the absurd, revelling in the ridiculous & throwing shoes at the hypocritical."
"Charlie, Tom & Briggs explore WA's election, the NBN, Pauline Hanson & Trumpgate. Charlie meets Carmel Johnston, Commander of NASAs Mars Simulation Mission. Tom meets his Hard Chat match with Aus TV royalty."
"Picking apart the week & hoping the kids don't walk in on them, Charlie & Tom tackle WA's election, Wikileaks, beers & Bibles. Guests: creators of South Park & The Book of Mormon, Trey Parker & Matt Stone."
"The Weekly talks to the next Albert Einstein and walks through why young Lee swam with a crocodile to capture the heart of a girl! Tom Gleeson Hard Chats Grant Denyer and Kitty Flanagan bamboozles him with Soft Chat."
"All the news you tried to avoid. Trump the dealmaker, eavesdropping phones, company tax cuts & The Weekly's Africa correspondent Loyiso Gola in studio. Tom Hard Chats Sarah Wilson. Special guest: Bob Odenkirk."
"Charlie, Kitty, Tom & Briggs try to comprehend our universe: April Fools' Day, opinion polls & Mark Latham. Sophie Monk dares to sit in the Hard Chat chair. Special guest Maurice Gleeson explains blind tennis!"
"Charlie, Kitty, Briggs & Tom let fly at herd immunity, drugs at music festivals, Syria, seafood connoisseurs. Plus Tom rebrands The show & Hard Chats Dave Hughes."