The Munsters

Short Description of Show: A family of friendly monsters have misadventures, never quite understanding why people react to them so strangely.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1964

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - The Munsters
24 Sep 1964
"The Munsters are invited to a masquerade dance party."
"No description"
08 Oct 1964
"Herman is taking short walks at the park during the night, as a remedy to his stress and insomnia. When other walkers see him, they are scared, telling the police that a monster is free at the park, along with a dangerous thief."
15 Oct 1964
"Herman believes that Lily's expecting a child."
"No description"
29 Oct 1964
"Herman is invited to a reunion of his old army outfit but finds himself unable to fit into his old uniform. Lily will only allow him to go only if he goes on a diet. When Dr. Dudley tells ..."
"No description"
12 Nov 1964
"Herman becomes a wrestler, in order to gain some extra money for Eddie's future education."
19 Nov 1964
"Herman's twin brother, Charlie, is visiting the family with a silly machine. Charlie claims that the machine can get uranium from the water sea. But Herman is very upset and uncomfortable with Charlie's visit."
26 Nov 1964
"Grandpa wants to marry again, because he's feeling lonely. He looks for a fianc\u00e9e in a matrimonial agency. Herman is against it, but Grandpa gets fascinated with a woman, which will be a fraudulent lady from the agency."
03 Dec 1964
"After a midnight visit to the drive-in, Herman falls a sleep in the family's Cadillac (not the Munster's Koach). The car is promptly stolen to be used as a getaway car on a bank job. When ..."
"No description"
17 Dec 1964
"The Munsters are the winners of a contest organized by a magazine, as the American Average Family of the year. Two reporters are sent to the house in order to take a family portrait."
24 Dec 1964
"Grandpa leaves home after having a fight with Herman."
31 Dec 1964
"Lily gets a job because she thinks that Herman is bankrupt."
07 Jan 1965
"The Munsters are camping in the wood. Everything goes well until Grandpa starts to feel homesick after hearing a wolf howling."
14 Jan 1965
"Marilyn is sent home from college because her tuition has not been fully paid. Herman goes to talk to the dean, but is mistaken for basketball pro Moose Mallory and is tricked into signing ..."
21 Jan 1965
"Herman has a new Ham radio and picks up two friends of Eddie playing Spacemen on their walkie talkies. Thinking Martians have landed, he and Grandpa go out searching for spaceships using the latter's radio direction finder."
28 Jan 1965
"Eddie comes home upset because of his new nickname: 'Shorty', so Grandpa gives him a 'magic milkshake' that will make him grow 6 inches overnight. It grows him a six inch beard instead."
04 Feb 1965
"When Eddie brings the family pet bat Igor to school for the Pet Fair Playground, he does not realize it's really Grandpa in disguise, and trades him for the weekend with a classmate."
11 Feb 1965
"After they have been mistaken for bank robbers, Herman and Grandpa want to return the money given to them by mistake."
18 Feb 1965
"Herman decides to take dance classes, in order to assist to a dance party at Marilyn's school."
25 Feb 1965
"Herman wants to become a detective, in order to earn some extra money for his family."
04 Mar 1965
"Lilly won't feed, speak to or let Herman let into their bedroom after he comes home from an office party past midnight. After four days and nights of this, Marilyn and Grandpa separately ..."
11 Mar 1965
"A little friend of Eddie visits the Munsters' house, with the surprise that he's a very rude and mischievous child."
18 Mar 1965
"The Munsters rent their house to a rock group."
"No description"
01 Apr 1965
"Herman's opportunity to become a film star is knocking on the door."
08 Apr 1965
"Herman's powerful arm could take him to the Baseball Big Leagues."
15 Apr 1965
"The Munsters win a membership for the fancy Country Club."
22 Apr 1965
"Marilyn falls in love with a young bank clerk."
29 Apr 1965
"After Herman takes one sleeping pill, he accidentally falls asleep inside of an Egyptian sarcophagus."
06 May 1965
"Lily wants to do something with her spare time and she finds a job as a model. Herman gets angry and jealous, because he believes that all the men will admire her. Using his magic potions, ..."
"No description"
20 May 1965
"When Herman buys ten acres of land in Happy Holliday Valley from a crooked magazine ad, the family is delighted to find it a complete wasteland. But the con artists want to get the land ..."
27 May 1965
"Eddie tells his friend Sandy Baylor that his father can beat Mr. Baylor at the Mockingbird Heights drag strip. Instead, Herman ends up losing the Munsters Koach on a bet. Determined to win ..."
04 Jun 1965
"Herman's fired because he asks for a raise."
"Herman saves the life of a young boy, Galen Livingston Stewart, by bending the bars his head is stuck between. They immediately become close friends. The only problem is that Galen's parents think Uncle Herman is a figment of the boy's imagination. They take him to a psychiatrist, played by Harvey Korman with a broad German accent."
Season 2 - The Munsters
16 Sep 1965
"Eddie's friend Charlie Pike convinces him to run away from home. Herman encourages the boy, using child psychology as seen on 'Leave it to Beaver'. Lily is outraged and sends Herman out to ..."
23 Sep 1965
"The Munsters are off for a picnic at Paradise Cove. While out scuba diving, Herman is caught in the net of Russian Troller #47. The Russians very excitedly think they've caught a missing ..."
30 Sep 1965
"Eddie has entered his dad in a local rodeo bronco-riding contest. The organizers, impressed by Eddie's bragging, decide to let Herman ride their wildest horse, Volcano. Scared and nervous, ..."
07 Oct 1965
"Herman has taken up photography as a new hobby and inadvertently snaps a picture of two bank robbers leaving the scene of the crime. The robbers in question soon locate the Munster's house ..."
14 Oct 1965
"Eddie is distressed after his classmates nickname him 'Leadfoot'. Herman decides to coach his boy to enter the big spring track meet, but the rest of the family is not very impressed with ..."
21 Oct 1965
"Herman and Lily's 100th wedding anniversary is fast approaching. Thinking the other has completely forgotten about it, both of them withdraw $1,000 from their bank account, and both checks ..."
"No description"
04 Nov 1965
"Against Herman's wishes, Lily has decided to rent the spare room. Out of 27 applicants, only one man is willing to cross the front door: Chester Skinner, only he refuses to explain his ..."
11 Nov 1965
"Herman develops amnesia after a three hundred pound safe falls on his head (and bounces off). The police take him into protective custody and rename him 'John Doe'. The only way for Lily to..."
18 Nov 1965
"Since none of Marylin's suitors ever get past the front door, Grandpa decides to turn a frog into her own personal prince. A nearsighted one at that, to compensate for her 'plain looks'. ..."
25 Nov 1965
"In order to get a promotion at work, Herman must have a commercial driver's license."
"No description"
"No description"
23 Dec 1965
"Herman and Grandpa stumble upon a secret compartment through the dungeon and find a clue that leads them to Henry Morgan's pirate treasure. Lily and Marilyn are touched to see the two men ..."
30 Dec 1965
"Eddie is being bullied at school by Jack McGinty, and Herman is continuously being tricked by practical joker Clyde Thornton at work. Herman advises his son to turn the other cheek, but ..."
06 Jan 1966
"Herman tries to teach Eddie about the evils of gambling by betting all of Eddie's money. Unfortunately, he wins big."
13 Jan 1966
"Grandpa claims to be working on a machine that will bring about world peace. When Herman sneaks into the laboratory at night and starts to play with it, he gets hit in the head with a bolt ..."
20 Jan 1966
"While on a family vacation, Herman gets lost in the desert and wanders into an Indian village, where he is mistaken for a legendary ancient spirit."
"No description"
03 Feb 1966
"A rich woman claims to be Grandpa's long-lost wife."
"No description"
"No description"
24 Feb 1966
"Herman starts writing poems for Clyde, a colleague, so Clyde can impress a girl he's met on the bus."
"No description"
"No description"
17 Mar 1966
"Dr Victor Frankenstein IV visits the United States and brings along Johann, one of his great-grandfather's earlier, less civilized creations. Herman reluctantly agrees to take Johann home ..."
24 Mar 1966
"When Eddie asks his parents for a baby brother, Grandpa decides to build a mechanical one, 'Boris' in the basement. Eddie soon begins to think that his new playmate is better loved by the family than he is, and runs away in his pajamas."
31 Mar 1966
"When Herman insists he be the one to pick out a used car for Marilyn, he ends up being taken advantage of by a smooth-talking salesman named Fair Deal Dan."
07 Apr 1966
"Herman and Grandpa begin to feud after the birthday present they built for Eddie is destroyed, so they split the house down the middle with a white line and agree to stay on opposite sides ..."
14 Apr 1966
"Herman comes home with a violent case of the hiccups after a visit to the drive-in. Grandpa attempts to cure his son in law by putting him under a hypnotic spell. That night, two freshmen ..."
21 Apr 1966
"On his way back from the store, Herman is struck by an automobile. The driver of the vehicle thinks she has scarred Herman for life and offers him a cash settlement by mail in the hopes he ..."
"When Eddie reads a school composition entitled \"\"My Parents - An Average American Family\"\" to his class, his teacher believes the boy is exhibiting symptoms of an overactive imagination. The school principal suggests that Eddie's wild exaggerations might be motivated by an underprivileged home life. It is decided that a visit to the Munster home is in order."