NASA's Unexplained Files

Short Description of Show: A look is taken at exclusive NASA footage and firsthand accounts of mysterious fly objects from astronauts and scientists are presented.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - NASA's Unexplained Files
"Strange flying objects have been caught on NASA\u2019s cameras and astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. Some of the odd shapes and lights can be identified; others remain a mystery. We\u2019ll reveal NASA footage and interview the astronauts and scientists."
"Astronaut Leroy Chao\u2019s spacewalk is interrupted by bright lights flying past. A flying saucer photographed from the Apollo capsule, dark shapes caught on camera shadowing the shuttle. The ideas are science fiction, but the incidents are science fact."
"The Viking Lander may have found life on Mars, so why don\u2019t we know about it? What is the most destructive force in the universe? How could a Starship be spotted in the Aurora Borealis? And what are NASA\u2019s mysterious Moon Pigeons?"
"A chunk of the sun appears to have vanished. An ominous dark craft beneath the Shuttle Endeavour. Hubble spots thousands of unidentified objects traveling faster than light. Are we being watched? Or could we ourselves be aliens from another world?"
"A distant planet shows evidence of an Earth-like atmosphere, while a mysterious glowing light suggests the impossible: an atmosphere on the Moon. Have we found evidence of a crashed alien ship on the asteroid belt? Why are there blueberries on Mars?"
"Could spaceships be powered by atomic bombs? Can artificial rings encircle an entire star? why was Neil Armstrong\u2019s transmission feed cut off when he spotted strange lights on the Moon? And how can lightning talk to itself?"
24 Jul 2014
Season 2 - NASA's Unexplained Files
"A UFO crashes in Pennsylvania. Was it a secret Soviet satellite or something far more dangerous? On Mercury, NASA finds the impossible: frozen water. A strange object causes a skyscraper-sized shadow on the surface of Mars's largest moon. What is it?"
"Was the Moon landing faked? Images of Mercury reveal massive spider-like formations on its surface. Is it an odd geological formation or something much more ominous? A classified space shuttle mission ends in near-disaster. What was its mission?"
"Are burning lights in the skies above Nevada & Utah signs of a secret space weapons project? What are the mysterious trails on the lunar surface near the Apollo landing sites? Does a strange space object spell disaster for the space shuttle crew?"
"An astronaut on a spacewalk begins to drown. How could this terrifying event happen? Have NASA scientists discovered an asteroid that was converted into a spacecraft? What are the strange objects spotted when NASA sends a secret payload into space?"
"Could NASA really be responsible for a nuclear explosion on Jupiter? Could new evidence finally reveal the truth behind the mystery of the iconic face on Mars? What unknown force crashed a spacecraft from the Apollo program into the lunar surface?"
"A Russian probe discovers something has disturbed the lunar soil before the US or USSR got there. Did Nazis arrive first? Have scientists detected a laser signal from a planet capable of supporting life? Is there really a Bermuda Triangle of Space?"
"How did pictures from the Hubble telescope make the comet of the century look like an alien spacecraft? Has earth already been invaded by alien organisms? What mysterious force is smashing a near-earth asteroid to pieces?"
"Something in space is attacking the brains of our astronauts. What is it? Should NASA be worried about the sudden appearance of so-called space fireflies? Who could be responsible for the bizarre glowing spiral in the skies over Norway?"
Season 3 - NASA's Unexplained Files
"Lost tapes reveal that Apollo astronauts heard unexplained transmissions on the far side of the moon, an amateur astronomer spots a strange disturbance in Martian atmosphere & an unidentified object in Earth orbit starts stalking Russian spacecraft."
"Apollo 12 astronauts bring back something alive from the moon and NASA track an asteroid heading towards Earth but make a shocking discovery: it\u2019s not an asteroid, but an object that\u2019s artificial in nature."
"Neil Armstrong goes into an unexplained spin. He needs to figure out what\u2019s causing it, or he faces certain death. An Apollo 17 photo seems to show a military outpost on the Moon & could there be alien life swimming in the oceans of Jupiter\u2019s moons?"
"When a Chinese moon rover breaks down, a NASA scientist points to a mysterious material that seemed to sabotage the Apollo missions, decades earlier. The Rosetta spacecraft finds a comet that appears to be singing."
"Recently discovered documents reveal NASA's secret plan B for failure of the first moon landing, a Soyuz capsule carrying astronaut Peggy Whitson back to Earth vanishes without explanation and NASA\u2019s Cassini mission unravels a three hundred year old."
"Three cosmonauts die mysteriously as they re-enter Earth's atmosphere & NASA needs to know why. A declassified document reveals a CIA plan to use a space disaster as a cover to start war and a NASA rover discovers clues that help solve a murder."
"Two astronauts trapped in the vacuum of space face an agonizing death; the first close up images of Pluto reveal an alien landscape, and residents of Houston struggle to explain videos of unidentified flying lights captured above their city at night."
"Astronauts are evacuated when a mystery object is discovered hurtling towards the ISS, a NASA secret agent goes undercover to recover missing moon rocks & scientists struggle to find answers when they find a huge void at the edge of the solar system."
Season 4 - NASA's Unexplained Files
"Astronomers find evidence for incredible alien technology around a distant star. The first pictures of Pluto show that something might be moving across its surface. Apollo astronauts see something they can't explain as they approach the moon."
"A mission to Mars captures an image of a strange structure on the Red Planet. Files from the first Apollo mission record an eerie sighting on the dark side of the moon. A planet-eating star gives scientists a glimpse of Earth's terrible demise."
"Geysers are discovered on a frozen moon, and NASA redirects a probe on a daring mission to detect evidence of life. An unidentified object is spotted approaching a near-earth asteroid. A future US President is an eyewitness to a UFO."
"Astronomers detect a potentially habitable planet tantalizingly close to Earth. A chance discovery at NASA reveals a top secret military space program. The Apollo missions bring back evidence that the moon may be rich in the building blocks for life."
"Two cosmonauts fight for their lives while trapped inside a capsule in a frozen lake. A NASA scientist investigates the deadly Nazi secret that doomed the Hindenburg. NASA astronomers are spooked when the full moon starts affecting their experiments."
"A startling discovery suggests that the hellish clouds of Venus may be the origin of life on Earth. A bizarre sighting 2,000 years ago raises the possibility that Earth once had two moons. A scientist helps the FBI crack the 1996 Olympic bombing."
"A probe carrying a message to aliens mysteriously malfunctions as it enters deep space. A NASA mission goes disastrously wrong when an imposter breaches Mission Control. Astronomers find evidence of an invisible planet in a distant solar system."
"British astronomers working for the CIA intercept Soviet photos of the moon. A malfunction on the ISS could poison its crew with deadly ammonia gas. A startling image taken by a NASA probe points to evidence that life could exist on Mars."
Season 5 - NASA's Unexplained Files
"A declassified letter written by President Kennedy demands that the CIA share its UFO data with NASA; a pattern on the surface of Mars could be a coded alien message; and investigators are shocked to find a rocket crash-landed in a crater on the moon."
"Jupiter is far hotter than it should be, and scientists don't understand why; the Curiosity Rover finds something strange on Mars; and detectives turn to NASA for help with a murder cold case."
"Two suns are photographed in the sky over Indonesia; NASA scientists are baffled by ghostly white swirls on the moon's surface; an astronaut disappears during his return to Earth."
"An astronomer records an unusual radio signal from beyond the solar system. FBI agents find classified documents at the home of a NASA scientist. When scientists discover strange DNA in the octopus, they examine if their origins could be alien."
"When NASA spots a something on Mars that resembles Stonehenge, they investigate what could have made this strange structure. Scientists discover a mysterious hole in Saturn's rings. An ancient tribe claims contact with alien visitors."
"When the Soviet Union unveils its own space shuttle, the CIA hatches a secret revenge plot. Recent discoveries shed new light on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. A missing nuclear weapon could threaten a NASA base in the Arctic."
"The last humans to walk on the Moon discover something strange on the lunar surface. A NASA scientist investigates a strange phenomenon responsible for horrific mass deaths. A landmark NASA mission threatens to destroy the reputation of an American hero."
Season 6 - NASA's Unexplained Files
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