Murder Decoded

Short Description of Show: In the wake of every murder, clues appear. Murder Decoded tells forensics-driven stories of committed investigators deciphering which clues mean nothing and which ones will put a killer behind bars and bring justice to victims' loved ones.

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Murder Decoded
"A man calls 911 when he finds blood inside a friend\u2019s home. Officers enter to find a beloved community activist shot dead. Detectives piece together clues to find a cold-blooded murderer."
"After hunters find the dismembered body of a missing young woman, police uncover a shocking secret that she kept hidden from friends, but blood splatter and incriminating receipts help investigators decode her demise at the hand of a murderer."
"After ranchers spot the body of a brutally beaten teenage girl on a riverbank, deputies conduct countless interviews but to no avail; finally, cutting-edge technology helps police lift DNA from the murder weapon and zero in on the killer."
"After motorists spot a man's body burning on the side of the highway, investigators find evidence of a brutal assassination and fiery cover-up; detectives decode construction debris with curious details to reveal a scheme that ended in murder."
"After a single father is found dead in his burning home, an autopsy reveals he was murdered; investigators must decode ballistic, chemical and digital clues to reveal a complex plan executed by a twisted killer."
"Children find a missing woman's body in a rural community miles away from her home; forensic experts decipher surprising animal hair fibers and DNA evidence, which puts detectives on the trail of an enraged predator."
"A car fire blazing near a beach sends detectives on a search that ends with the discovery of a murdered woman; the killer's attempt to eliminate evidence actually gives investigators the clues they need to catch him."
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