Mary Kills People

Short Description of Show: Single mother Mary Harris is an ER doctor by day, but by night she and her partner, a former plastic surgeon, moonlight as underground angels of death who help terminally ill patients slip away on their own terms.

Genre: Drama

Director: Tara Armstrong

Country: Canada

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Mary Kills People
"When Dr. Mary Harris becomes romantically involved with an attractive patient, it sets off a chain of events that could destroy her life, her family, and her career - not to mention her illegal side gig, helping terminal clients end their lives."
"After being intimate with Joel, Mary has second thoughts about ending his life. A client's son pulls a gun on Des. Kevin's relationship with a new woman gets intense."
"Mary confronts Ben. Grady blackmails Mary into helping him break a patient out of the hospital. Ben and Frank get a new lead."
"Ben follows Mary to her childhood home where he learns about her past. Grady approaches Mary with an offer. Des becomes a victim of police misconduct."
"Mary seriously considers giving up her operations for good."
"Mary must make a deal with the devil in order to save her family and career."
Season 2 - Mary Kills People
"Des is happy to reteam with Mary following his stint in prison - but when a routine case leads to a devastating outcome, Mary questions whether she was better off fighting the good fight without him in control and unchallenged."
"When Olivia attempts to blackmail Mary, she is drawn deeper into a deadly game of cat and mouse that has a surprising connection to Ben."
"Mary and Ben decide to join forces and hide Travis at Ben's secluded trailer. But when Travis reveals a crucial detail about Ben's investigation, Mary is forced to reconsider their alliance."
"Following the disappearance of Travis, Des worries that he and Mary may have crossed a moral line from which they can never return. After jeopardizing Ben's investigation of Olivia, Mary tries to make amends, which has repercussions for a patient in dire need."
"All seems well for Mary, Ben has forgiven her, and she and Des have decided to move forward with the death retreat. The only nagging concern for Mary: her daughter Jess hates her and doesn't believe a word out of her mouth."
"Mary decides to wear a wire in order to help Ben take down Olivia, but when their plan takes an unexpected turn, Mary must reconsider her allegiance. As Des and Nicole prepare for Brendan's death, Des faces crippling self-doubt about his dream."
Season 3 - Mary Kills People
"Mary secretly takes in patients, but one death doesn't go as planned."
"Mary promises Des that she'll never put the hospice at risk again. Mary and Frances meet an elderly cancer patient. Jess realizes that something's wrong with Naomi."