Early Edition

Short Description of Show: His name is Gary Hobson. He gets tomorrow's newspaper today. He doesn't know how. He doesn't know why. All he knows is when the early edition hits his doorstep, he has twenty-four hours to set things right.

Duration: 41 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Early Edition
28 Sep 1996
"A stockbroker recently evicted by his wife starts receiving tomorrow's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. This offers the opportunity to win at gambling, or to use the foreknowledge to help people."
05 Oct 1996
"Gary must choose between stopping a fatal plane crash or saving the life of one girl."
12 Oct 1996
"After the newspaper shows Chuck delivering a baby on the L, Gary and Marissa try to convince him to go through with it."
19 Oct 1996
"While searching for answers about the paper, Gary becomes involved with a reporter who is suspicious of his apparent knowledge of a certain story."
26 Oct 1996
"Lottery fever grips Chicago with the jackpot climbing every night. Meanwhile, Gary tries to understand why someone would want to steal the Mayor's dog."
02 Nov 1996
"Gary tries to stop a popular basket-baller with a medical condition from risking his life on the court."
09 Nov 1996
"A woman plans to abandon her baby and take her own life. Gary's attempts to reunite her with her parents fail while he runs out of time to help her."
16 Nov 1996
"When Gary reads that a young boy will unwittingly shoot and kill his brother with his mother's gun, he embarks on a mission to prevent it. Pretending to be from the school, he makes contact..."
23 Nov 1996
"Meredith Carson and Gary make contact once again, rekindling their relationship. At first she takes the high road and resists using the paper to get a good story, but temptation overtakes ..."
07 Dec 1996
"Gary is having trouble moving on from his divorce after an encounter with Marcia. At the same time he finds his ex-boss will have troubles with one of his former co-workers. Despite the ..."
21 Dec 1996
"Tis the Yuletide season, and Chuck is about to embark on an exciting skiing trip when his car is impounded. After becoming belligerent with the police, Chuck is thrown into a jail cell with..."
11 Jan 1997
"The city is suffering from a severe cold-snap and Chuck's apartment loses its power. He moves in with Gary for the day and takes over the entire hotel room with his pet gold fish and ..."
25 Jan 1997
"Theresa LaParco is the pretty moll of a big time mob boss named Frank Pirelli. When she decides to leave him, Pirelli tries to put a \"hit\" on her. Gary and Chuck make contact with Theresa ..."
01 Feb 1997
"The discovery of an envelope hidden in a wall, left there by Lucius Snow, coincides with a visit of the U.S. President to Chicago. Gary uncovers an assassination plot is in the works, and ..."
08 Feb 1997
"Gary continues to try and stop the assassination of the president while eluding the FBI who is convinced Gary is the suspected assassin. His friends try to protect Gary from exposure."
22 Feb 1997
"An ex-cop dresses as Bat Masterson and solves crime as the fame old west US Marshall. He seems to step in to solve wrong-doings at places where Gary shows up."
08 Mar 1997
"While trying to help someone, Gary finds himself serving on a jury. The trial is a little unusual because the defendant is defending himself so the judge has the jury sequestered, which ..."
12 Apr 1997
"Gary saves a psychic from a building with a gas leak. She thinks he is a psychic and admits she is a fake. When a young child is kidnapped, they are forced to work together to save the child."
13 Apr 1997
"Gary is concerned when his paper arrives and he finds the cat is sick. An opportune ad in the paper leads him to a particular veterinarian. Gary forms a friendship with the vet's mother who needs help."
19 Apr 1997
"Gary saves an museum art restorer from being killed by a burglar, and then must decide whether to allow matters to take their course and let her reunite with her long-lost love."
26 Apr 1997
"Gary has to decide whether to help a young girl who needs a heart transplant or a troubled teen-aged boy who is due to be killed in a botched robbery."
03 May 1997
"After getting tossed out of the house by his wife, Gary's dad comes to Chicago to visit Gary and discovers the secret of the paper."
10 May 1997
"Gary seems to constantly have to save a college professor from harm as she is scheduled to testify for the prosecution in a criminal case. The professor thinks Gary is stalking her. A college student is interested in Marissa."
Season 2 - Early Edition
27 Sep 1997
"Gary's apartment catches on fire and he must find a new place to live. Gary and Chuck learn someone is trying to buy McGinty's as well as a few other downtown buildings. This affects ..."
04 Oct 1997
"Guilt stemming from an incident in Vietnam pushes a vet toward suicide."
11 Oct 1997
"Gary tries to stop his high school girl-friend's wedding to prevent a murder."
18 Oct 1997
"Howard Banner was once a highly respected newspaper columnist, but his best days are far behind him. In order to revive his waning career, he hires a young street waif to pretend she is ..."
25 Oct 1997
"Gary attempts to prevent the death of a middle-aged man during a surgical procedure . . . a stock broker he and Chuck used to work for."
11 Jan 1997
"Sister Mary works with inner-city youths, but begins to question her effectiveness and faith after witnessing too many young people ruin their lives through crime and violence. Gary tries ..."
08 Nov 1997
"Gary must reunite a father and daughter who were torn apart in Russia many years ago. The father is now a taxi driver, and the daughter is grown and touring America as a violin prodigy."
15 Nov 1997
"If Gary is unable to defuse the hatred at a white supremacist march, the leader of the white supremacists will be shot and killed. Gary is concerned about the leader's young son, who questions his father's views."
22 Nov 1997
"Believing he gets no help in running \"McGinty's\", and feeling he is not respected, Chuck quits and leaves the bar. Gary is suffering his own emotional trauma in dealing with the newspaper, ..."
20 Dec 1997
"Chuck begins dating a rabbi, and is compelled to tell the truth around her and be honest in his dealings with others. This creates a myriad of problems, forcing him to break up with her. ..."
10 Jan 1998
"A small girl inadvertently leaves her school yard as she chases after a pet rabbit, and becomes lost in the sewers and storm drains of Chicago. The more Gary tries to find her, the more he ..."
17 Jan 1998
"A young princess of a small country in the Balkans visits Chicago. She has many functions to attend and people to meet in performance of her royal duties, but she yearns for time away from ..."
24 Jan 1998
"Gary is asked to fill in a vacant City Council seat and he tries to get a traffic light installed in an area where a lot of street accidents occur. But he's told that first he has to vote ..."
30 Jan 1998
"A crooked D.A. has aspirations to be Mayor of Chicago, and is holding hearings about police corruption as a way of getting there, focusing on Lt. Crumb's partner who has taken bribes in the..."
04 Apr 1998
"When an Egyptian mummy goes on display at the museum, a man steals the emerald eyes and scarab from the mummy, unleashing an ancient curse. Soon, everyone associated with the theft becomes ill."
11 Apr 1998
"When Gary falls off a scaffolding and breaks his leg, he is laid up in his apartment watching his neighbors across the alleyway. He begins seeing a woman in his dreams dressed in 1940's ..."
18 Apr 1998
"While trying to save a monkey in an abandoned theater, Gary becomes trapped on an elevated scaffold. The scaffolding is barely hanging from the vaulted ceiling, and being afraid to move or ..."
25 Apr 1998
"The paper tells Gary that a man is going to die in an accident. So he saves him but afterward the paper changes and says that the man is going to kill someone. Gary wonders why the paper ..."
02 May 1998
"Gary makes the acquaintance of a dashing British man named Clive Harbison as he helps Gary rescue an elderly woman from her burning apartment in spectacular fashion, getting Clive's face on..."
09 May 1998
"Gary stops two men from mugging a young woman, and then realizes the woman is a girl he went to school with. When the same two muggers show up at her office, she seeks refuge with Gary at ..."
16 May 1998
"At a construction site, Gary attempts to halt the driving of a pylon into the ground, because the paper said it would cause an explosion. He is accidentally knocked unconscious and wakes up..."
23 May 1998
"Marissa has a vision while sitting beside the lake, and consults with a Dr. about the possibility of her sight returning. Chuck goes to his bookie to pay off a gambling debt, and discovers ..."
Season 3 - Early Edition
26 Sep 1998
"The newspaper forecasts a power outage. With the blackout, a neighborhood dispute escalates into violence."
03 Oct 1998
"Gary must find ways to prevent a collision which originally kills 13 people but has no definitive cause. However, as the deadline approaches, he is able to eliminate some of the victims but has trouble preventing a death toll."
10 Oct 1998
"When Henry accidentally discovers one of Gary's newspapers from the future, he uses the information to make friends in school and provide his dad with gambling tips."
17 Oct 1998
"After saving several enlistees from an explosion, Gary is mistaken for a Lieutenant and forced to serve in the Navy, which puts his future heroic acts in jeopardy."
24 Oct 1998
"Gary becomes jealous when Erica begins to date a doctor who is beloved by everyone. He later gets the \"Early Edition\" and realizes that he must save his \"competition\" from a deadly fire."
31 Oct 1998
"The newspaper show three children die from poisoned Halloween candy but does not mention names. Gary has a difficult time trying to find who to save. His job is not made easier when two witches capture him since they think he is a warlock."
07 Nov 1998
"Gary is suspicious when Chuck returns from California with a surprisingly new attitude. However, Gary soon learns that Chuck is paying someone to follow him and film his heroic acts in hopes of getting a movie deal."
14 Nov 1998
"The paper tells Gary that a man , named Ricky Brown is going to be executed tomorrow. Gary learns that the previous recipient of the paper, Lucious Snow tried to help Brown but couldn't and..."
21 Nov 1998
"When Gary interrupts a federal investigation by trying to save a towel boy from being shot, he is placed in the Witness Protection Program. He is assigned an attractive but surly agent to ..."
05 Dec 1998
"Gary's mom comes for a visit and is vague about why she came. He later sees her with another man and jumps to conclusions, later learning that the man convinced her to invest all of her ..."
19 Dec 1998
"Gary poses as a high school substitute teacher in order to prevent a school shooting. However, when his newspaper is torn up and lost, he is unable to pinpoint who the shooter is."
09 Jan 1999
"Gary encounters a woman who has tendency for ambulance chasing."
16 Jan 1999
"Gary gets in the middle of a feud between a former Untouchable who was just released from prison and a retired T-Man who helped put him away."
06 Feb 1999
"Gary begins to experience medical problems stemming from his frequent lying to Erica about his whereabouts. He decides to come clean and tell her about the newspaper and his heroic acts. ..."
13 Feb 1999
"Gary saves baseball player Andy Miller from sustaining a ending career injury. His agent wants to make sure he's OK, so he wants to take him to an orthopedic doctor whom Gary had earlier ..."
20 Feb 1999
"C-Roc is a famous rapper whose career has begun to stall, so on his latest tour he includes a stop at his hometown to get a feel for his 'roots' again. Unbeknownst to Gary, Marissa grew up ..."
27 Feb 1999
"Francesca & Addison Preston want to divorce but cannot come to terms over the lingerie company they started. Seems they are slated for accidents where Gary has to save them. Henry and their daughter become friends over a hockey game."
20 Mar 1999
"Gary has problems dealing with being unable to save someone, which leads to The Paper predicting Gary's death."
03 Apr 1999
"The paper tells Gary that Crumb, who is now living in a cabin, will die because of an explosion at his cabin. Gary calls Crumb and gets him outside just before the explosion. Crumb later ..."
17 Apr 1999
"Gary finds himself quarantined when he comes in contact with an animal that could be a carrier. So he asks Marissa to take care of something in the paper so she asks her boyfriend Emmitt to..."
01 May 1999
"Gary tries to convince a prison that two criminals are escaping, however they do not believe him. The criminals escape to Gary's hometown. Gary tries to help the local sheriff, but the sheriff does not like Gary and refuses his help."
08 May 1999
"Gary tries to save a man who's about to be killed. But when the people who tried to kill the man turns their attention to Gary, he is saved by Chinese cop Sammo Law. He learns that the man ..."
15 May 1999
"Gary saves a woman from drowning. Her husband is thankful and invites Gary to dinner at their home. The officer is suspicious since his wife was in a woman only swimming club. He thinks Gary is setting up situations to play the hero."
Season 4 - Early Edition
25 Sep 1999
"Gary gets the paper and initially there a lot of things he has to fix but when he gets there, there's nothing to fix. He thinks the paper is playing games with him so the next time the ..."
02 Oct 1999
"Gary's parents visit Chicago and want to spend the day with him. Gary runs off to save ducks crossing the streets. When a cameraman snaps a picture, it shows up in the paper and starts a chain of reactions. Gary's parents are held hostage."
09 Oct 1999
"Chuck comes for a visit and offers to take Gary to a Cubs game wherein a promising rookie Pedro Mendoza is going to play. But Gary finds himself trying to help the owner of a restaurant who..."
16 Oct 1999
"To stop something that's in the paper Gary assumes someone else's identity but it turns out that the identity he assumed was that of an undercover cop who's working with Brigatti. Gary has ..."
23 Oct 1999
"Feeling bad that he helped get a photo journalism fired from two jobs, Gary tries to find him another job and prevent him from being murdered."
30 Oct 1999
"Gary's day seems easy with only one significant article in the newspaper, but it turns into a series of incidents as Patrick tries to talk to him. Patrick is leaving the restaurant."
06 Nov 1999
"Gary is arrested and charged with murder after he is found standing right next to the slain body of a man who had earlier threatened to investigate his propensity to show up at crime scenes."
13 Nov 1999
"Now a fugitive from justice, Gary appeals to Detective Brigatti to help get him off the hook for murder and find the real killer."
20 Nov 1999
"A pretty television weather girl seems to always forecast wrong, so Gary steps in to help. After days of helping, the newspaper stops giving the weather forecast, and the reporter gets fired just as a major storm is about it hit."
18 Dec 1999
"Things get hectic at McGinty's, and Marissa tells Gary he needs to start helping out at the restaurant. Gary tries to find a compromise between the restaurant and the newspaper. He is unable to help Marissa when she is hit by a car."
19 Feb 2000
"Gary helps a woman who has amnesia. She cannot remember anything, but knows someone is trying to kill her."
04 Mar 2000
"Gary meets a young girl who has real powers of knowing what is going to happen to someone she touches. The girl is a foster child who pushes her foster parents away because she thinks her power is a curse. Gary helps her accept her skills."
11 Mar 2000
"A man in New York gets tomorrow's paper today. When his paper stops getting delivered, he flies to Chicago to talk to Gary. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger asks Gary about his special paper delivery."
25 Mar 2000
"Gary witnesses two men trying to steal a car. And he learns one of them is Miguel Diaz's brother, who convinces Gary not to finger him which he does. But the paper tells him that he's ..."
08 Apr 2000
"Gary saves an actress during dress rehearsal from a falling light and encounters Crumb who is part of the amateur acting group. Gary later finds out the building is going to be burned down by an arsonist."
22 Apr 2000
"Teenagers are playing in an underground tunnel and find a live cannonball. While Gary saves them from an explosion, it blows up in front of Gary and he temporarily loses his eyesight. How can Gary save a young child when he cannot see?"
29 Apr 2000
"Chuck comes back to Chicago and announces he's engaged to a girl named Jade. When Gary meets her, he's shocked because Jade is Amber, the jewel thief he encountered a while ago and allowed ..."
06 May 2000
"Gary's clothes are stolen by a robber as he tries to save someone. Gary takes a costume from someone and continues on his task, however he is later sent to court for stealing. The next day, he sees the robber and tries to stop him."
13 May 2000
"Gary learns that Lucious Snow, the previous recipient of the paper, saved his life when he was a boy. And that that act has significance to something in the present."
20 May 2000
"Gary wakes up to get the paper and finds himself living in the past. It is 1929 and he is in an early business in the location of McGinty's. Gary tries to prevent the St Valentine's Day Massacre."
27 May 2000
"Gary decides to cut off one of the bar's regulars who is a moocher until he settles his tab, and the man warns him that it's not good to do that. And when he helps someone the paper tells ..."