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Curious George

Follows the mischievous adventures of a Monkey by the name of George.

Genre: Animation , Family , Kids

Director: Joe Fallon

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Curious George
"George comes across his friends Steve and Betsy playing basketball in the city. When George tries to play, he finds out he is not very good and winds up losing the ball when it accidentally lands on a moving pickup truck. They then decide to play miniature golf instead. After Steve tells him that when playing basketball, the winner is the person that has made the most baskets has the highest score, George figures it is the same way for golf. Then Betsy tells him that in golf, the lowest score wins. Since they find the park mini golf course too hard, they decide to build one of their own."
Season 3 - Curious George
"It's Nature Week and George is taking pictures for a big exhibit,and when looking for a fawn that Bill saw,he sees other ordinary animals such as raccoons,squirrels,and bullfrogs,but he also sees footprints that are a cross between a colossal snake,he decides that there is a duck-billed dinosaur on the loose so he decides to lure it by using fruits and vegetables,and he finds new things and clues along the way.The footprints turned out to be made from something far different from a dinosaur!"
Season 4 - Curious George
"Professor Wiseman wants to makes something creative for the bake sale at Betsy's school. But she believes that the key to cooking is to experiment with different amounts of different ingredients and as a result her cakes come out floppy, gross, and VERY sticky. When Professor Wiseman and George visit Chef Pisghetti he says that cooking is not about testing and experimenting like science and you need to follow a recipe exactly for the food to come out right."
Season 5 - Curious George
"When George sees a cricket at the annual country gymnastics competition he decides to follow it across the gymnastics obstacles because, being a monkey, he is very good at jumping and swinging. When Mrs. Somersault the area gym teacher sees George, she decides to sign George and Allie up for her gym class, which Bill also agrees to join. While they all enjoy her gym class, they are disappointed to find out that it only takes place once a week. So, they decide to build a gym of their own in the back yard of the country house, where they can practice when it is not gym class day."
Season 6 - Curious George
"It is a record-setting winter in the country-one of the coldest in recent years! Even Jumpy, normally an outdoor animal has to find refuge in George and The Man's Country House. The Man himself finds though, that the country house seems to be extra cold. He then finds that the house has several small holes in the walls, and others areas where cold air, and the occasional squirrel can leak in. He decides that he needs to insulate the house, because insulation is designed to keep a house warm, and unfortunately, sealing up all those holes makes Jumpy unwelcome. Feeling sorry for him, George decides to make a fully insulated house for Jumpy that will keep him warm and happy all winter."