Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce

Short Description of Show: This show follows Big Freedia (born Frederick Ross) on her journey toward superstardom in the mainstream media. As the undisputed ambassador of the energetic, New Orleans-based Bounce ...

Genre: Reality

Actor: Big Freedia

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 5.7

Season 1 - Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce
"When Big Freedia's manager suggests teaming up with an internet sensation, Mr. Ghetto, for an international tour, not everyone on Freedia's team agrees this is a good idea, and the collaboration is tested at a local show."
"Big Freedia's worst suspicions are confirmed when Mr. Ghetto is arrested, jeopardizing the King and Queen of Bounce tour."
"Stopping traffic on the streets of New Orleans and dancing on top of cars, Big Freedia goes back to her DIY roots - and risks arrest - to shoot the wildest Bounce video yet."
"Old grudges and wounded egos resurface when Big Freedia teams up with fellow Bounce artists to record a Bounce song for kids."
"Preparing for the first-ever Bounce show for kids, Big Freedia has to overhaul her act for a young audience and overcome the notion that Bounce is strictly X-rated."
"On the eve of their first international tour, dissension erupts in Team Freedia when old friends are excluded from the trip to Brazil."
"When the first show in Brazil proves to be rocky when Renee fills in as DJ, the team has to rebuild their act in time for the big show in Rio."
Season 2 - Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce
"Freedia prepares for the prestigious South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, but with his mother's ailing health and fighting between his two managers, Renee and Melvin, the Queen of Bounce is being pulled in too many directions."
"Big Freedia's team continues to struggle at SXSW, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. The Queen of Bounce decides that a personnel change might be in order."
"Back in New Orleans, the Queen of Bounce and her team prepare for Katy Red's 15th anniversary performance and a lecture at Tulane University. Only problem is that the Shake Team have gone \"Hollywood,\" giving a whole lotta of attitude and little effort."
"With Vera's health in decline, Freedia focuses on staying in New Orleans so he can work on his new album, get ready for the upcoming Mardi Gras parade and shop for a house that he could share with his mom."
"Freedia's live show hasn't changed in years and his dancers seem uninspired, so the Queen of Bounce hires a fiery creative director to revamp the show and whip the dancers into shape."
"Devastated by his mother's passing, Freedia tries to be strong for his family and friends as they rally to give her a big, New Orleans send off with a second line parade."
"In a clear sign that she has reached the pinnacle of success in New Orleans, Freedia is honored with the Entertainer of the Year award at New Orleans premiere music event, The Big Easy Awards. But there's much to do before the show will be ready for the rest of the world."
"Team Freedia is ready to put all their hard work to the test as they prepare to unveil their new live show in LA, but success doesn't come easy as they also have to juggle a music video shoot and promotional events for Freedia's new album release. Will Team Freedia cave under the pressure and demands in LA?"
Season 3 - Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce
"As Freedia prepares for the biggest tour of her career - and the first without her beloved mom - the world seems to be conspiring to keep drama in her life. We meet her boyfriend, Devon for the first time. But there's already a sense that when the cat's on the road, the mouse might stray."
"Freedia is reeling after getting the news that her boyfriend has been arrested for marijuana possession. Now Devon can't join Freedia on the rest of the tour as planned, because he's been warned by authorities not to leave the state of Louisiana."
"Team Freedia arrives in Washington D.C. for a very special show to celebrate Freedia's late mother's birthday. Emotions run high as DJ Juan screws up the special tribute song the night before, and if tonight is anything less than perfect heads will roll."
"The Just Be Free tour rolls into Denver where Freedia has a recording date with best friend and \"mother of Bounce\" Katey Red. But manager Renee is frustrated because the song's lyrics are so dirty that it could never make a radio playlist."
"When Freedia learns that boyfriend Devon has cheated on her back home in New Orleans, she's ready to cancel the rest of the tour. Her manager Melvin convinces Freedia that her career is more important than her stormy and often toxic relationship with Devon."
"The grand finale of Freedia's Just Be Free tour is Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, alongside some of the biggest artists in music, including Outkast, Skrillex and the Foo Fighters. Voodoo needs to be Freedia's greatest concert yet and she pulls out all the creative stops."
Season 4 - Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce
"Team Freedia twerks through NYC and gets a shock when she meets with the publishers of her upcoming autobiography, and Skip dreams of bouncing on Broadway."
"Freedia explores new creative frontiers when she invites the people of New Orleans to an open call photo shoot celebrating the art of the Azz and all things Twerk while also trying to work on her relationship with Devon."
"Freedia struggles to overcome vocal problems in time to record a new collaboration, while Flash hopes to reunite with his long lost brother and Devon turns to Uncle Percy for advice on life & love."
"Freedia heads to LA for the all-star opening of her photography exhibit, while her boyfriend Devon plans a surprise for her return. Meanwhile, dancer Flash hopes to become a recording artist."
"Freedia reunites with her father, and Skip & Flash get one step closer to theirs as the team rocks Buku Fest."
"As Team Freedia prepares for their European tour, they shoot a music video for Dangerous and the Queen Diva suffers an injury that could stall her career."
"Team Freedia twerks across the pond to kick-off their European tour in Berlin, Germany where they find unexpected opportunities to expand the brand, and Freedia must make an important decision regarding the team's future."
Season 5 - Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce
"Queen Diva returns with bigger goals and a new manager, but tension with Melvin could derail plans."
"Big Freedia's feature on Beyonce's \"Formation\" gets the Queen Diva lots of publicity, but a fight with Devon at Mardis Gras garners the wrong kind of attention. Tootie wants to bring back former dancer Steph and reunite the Shake Team."
"Freedia courts controversy when a concert in Mississippi gets canceled for excessive twerking; the team prepares to debut new music from the Queen Diva's upcoming album; Tootie gives back to the community."
"A federal indictment rocks Freedia as she tries to expand her brand by launching Big Freedia's Soul Food; Flash seeks to connect with his long-lost family."
"Freedia has her day in court and faces a media circus; Flash heads to Michigan to meet his great-grandmother and learn about his past."
Season 6 - Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce
"It's the Queen's birthday and parole ain't stopping this diva from celebrating with family, friends and getting lit; chef Freedia hits the streets to better her community with her famous booty poppin' potatoes."
"Freedia heads back to Los Angeles to attend the Grammy Awards, but the temptation of weed affects her every step and threatens her ability to stay out of jail."
"Freedia lives it up in LA; Berto mixes things up with the dancers in New Orleans; Tootie snaps when she hears Freedia is bonding with the new dancers deep in the swamps of Louisiana."
"It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Freedia has finally earned a coveted spot in the main parade, but a visit by a mysterious voodoo priest unsettles her as she hears shocking predictions about her future."
"Freedia records a song for a local accident attorney that goes viral; rumors of Devon cheating turns Freedia's personal life upside down."
"Big Freedia's best friend Katey Red heads to the altar; competing LA-based record companies approach Freedia with life-changing opportunities."
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